Adding chandeliers to your home can add beauty to your interior design. There are many different styles of chandeliers to choose from, so it’s important to be familiar with each one. This is the ultimate guide to the different types of chandeliers you can choose from. What are the different types of chandeliers and what is unique about each chandelier? All of this will be examined in more detail below.

1. Candle chandeliers

The candle chandelier is the originator of all this, and it allows decoration to return to its roots. These types of chandeliers usually have at least five extensions, each with candlelight at the end.

Ideally, this is for those who prefer a rustic style. The good news is that these chandeliers tend not to be as large as other models, so they don’t necessarily need as much space.

These chandeliers are probably best suited to a restaurant setting. This is especially true if you’re looking for a simpler but more elegant look.

Unfortunately, those who seek authenticity, don’t make candles out of real candles anymore. Instead, they use candle-shaped lights, which give the iconic look without any of the risk or messiness of actual candles.

One style changes the rhythm slightly by placing a lampshade over a candle, giving the iconic piece a more modern look.

Candle chandeliers

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2. Antler chandeliers

For those who particularly enjoy the outdoors, antler chandeliers have a very rustic feel and can turn your home into a nature lover’s daydream. Luckily, antlers aren’t real, so you can get this feeling without hurting any wildlife.

They also don’t have much space, so you don’t need a mansion to make them work. Keep in mind that while this can give a more practical feel, there may not be many other styles that go well with antlers.

As far as rooms go, this probably shouldn’t be in the kitchen or dining room. The sight of antlers may cause a loss of appetite. However, if your house has a more rustic style, this will work well in the living room.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have a game room with billiards or billiards facilities, then this can be very useful. If you’re an avid hunter, this is also a great addition to your loot.

Antler chandeliers

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3. Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are a very wide range of chandelier styles, named after the materials from which they are made. They can take many different forms. If you want a purely elegant look, you can buy these types of chandeliers.

These are great for dining and living rooms, or if you have a large spiral staircase. The bedroom is not a better space because the bedroom environment is a bit fancy.

One of the most popular designs of crystal chandeliers is called the raindrop chandelier. The style is exactly what it sounds like, with crystals arranged to look like rain chandeliers.

However, a good quality crystal chandelier is more expensive than other chandeliers. The reason is the crystal, but the effect is really stunning. I have a friend who is a guardrail manufacturer. His business is very successful and he makes a lot of money. One time he invited me to his home. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the crystal chandelier in the living room. It was really beautiful.


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4. Glass chandeliers

Another type of chandelier named for its material, glass chandeliers are primarily favored for their variety. They come in a variety of designs, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your style.

Also, given that glass chandeliers can take many forms, you should be able to easily find one that fits the space. Plus, this variety means that there aren’t many rooms that aren’t suitable for glass chandeliers, as long as you can find one that suits the ambiance of the room.

Glass chandeliers

5. Modern chandeliers

For those looking for an edgy look, modern-style chandeliers exude a more futuristic feel. Their style is clear edges and geometric shapes that perfectly foil the world of the digital age.

That’s not to say you can’t take a more abstract or original design, but such a design might be done in a very geometric way. Modern is also not known for its complexity, so if you can’t make your idea work without a certain amount of detail, you may want to give up on this one.

They don’t indicate dimensions, so they should fit in most Spaces.

Ideally, these should be used in the living room or entrance. Their style is impressive, but drum-shaped chandeliers are found in other Settings such as the kitchen or bedroom.

Modern chandeliers

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6. Drum pendant lights

A drum chandelier is a form of the shadow chandelier, named for its peculiar shape. While it doesn’t necessarily apply to every piece in the category, many pieces have a single circular shadow across all lights, somewhat like a drum.

Lampshades help give off a romantic glow, so if you’re looking for something suitable for your love nest, choose a drum chandelier.

They can vary in size, so it’s best to look at several models before deciding which is best for your home. Might look a little out of place.

Drum pendant light

7. Transition chandeliers

The transitional chandelier blends old-school and new-school styles, combining the futuristic crisp feel of a modern chandelier with all the rustic elegance of an older model.

An obvious advantage of this unique type of chandelier is that it should fit well into any one style, and perhaps some others as well.

These work well in the dining room and entrance, but not necessarily in the bedroom.

Transition chandeliers

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8. Rattan Chandelier

A rattan chandelier is a pendant light made of rattan. Rattan is great for making lamps because it is a strong fiber with texture and color. In addition, the rattan weave leaves open Spaces for light to filter through, creating a soft diffuse glow or a decorative grid pattern of light. Rattan lampshades come in a variety of woven patterns and colors, so you can choose the style you like.

Rattan chandeliers

9. Bowl-shaped chandelier

In its simplest design, a bowl-shaped chandelier is a hand-held lamp that resembles a bowl. This shape can create interesting light effects, with most of the light coming directly at the ceiling or leaking through holes in the design, while the bowl itself will shine tastefully.

This style can be paired with many different moods, but it may be best for those who prefer a more stylish, understated look. This may also be an option for those who do not tolerate excessive light well.

The bowl-shaped chandelier comes in a variety of different sizes, mainly depending on the hanging height of the bowl-shaped chandelier on some models. Most, however, don’t seem to take up much space.

Because of its low brightness, it works well in the bedroom or kitchen.

Bowl-shaped chandelier

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10. Beaded chandeliers

These ingenious chandelier models can make your home look even more exotic. They can also be a talking point because they are made almost entirely of beads.

The beads themselves can come in several different forms, some are made of glass, some are made of wood, and some have completely abandoned the beads in favor of shells.

Given the amount of work required to make a large bead chandelier, most chandeliers are probably a reasonable size to fit in most rooms. Again, this is a very accidental design, so think and possibly ask for advice before investing in anything.

As far as rooms are concerned, if you want a new age or exotic design, this may apply to the bedroom. They can also work in the kitchen or at the entrance. It can go anywhere that matches the style.

Beaded chandeliers

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11. Cage chandeliers

The cage chandelier is a huge testament to modern architecture, with its intricate design and the light itself at the center of the ornate cage. Some of these designs tend to take a more literal approach to the concept of a “cage,” while others take an abstract approach, creating a circular cage with intersecting round rods.

Either way, these types of chandeliers are often visually stunning and should attract a lot of attention. Cage chandeliers tend to be fairly average in size and shouldn’t be too much trouble to install.

Because of their size and stunning design, cage chandeliers are often a great entrance ornament, hanging in the open space above the door to wow guests. It can also be used in the kitchen, dining room, and living room, but it doesn’t seem to be very suitable for the bedroom.

In terms of mood, I will stay away from the country. If you can handle a slight steampunk element, it can go well with a modern, vintage, or even Victorian look.

That being said, make the cage fit the style. If your room has a more Victorian look, you should get into a cage that looks more classic.

Cage chandeliers

12. Tiered chandeliers

If you want a gorgeous design, you should probably consider a tiered chandelier. Tiered chandeliers come in a variety of styles, although it all comes down to one thing – multiple layers and extra arms.

The concept of layering tends to make layering chandeliers taller than other varieties, although some designs are even taller, raindrop and stair chandeliers being two of them.

Don’t use a tiered chandelier unless you have enough space. Otherwise, try to exclude the layering part at design time. If traditional chandeliers don’t work, then tiered traditional chandeliers don’t work either. The same goes for almost any style that offers layered varieties.

However, if you can install them, they will be perfect for the dining room, entrance, and living room.

Tiered chandeliers

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13. Spherical chandeliers

The Earth Ceremony chandelier is another exquisite light fixture shaped like a globe. The shape consists of a series of lights, usually enclosed in a metal cage or cloth, giving the appearance of a globe. Attractive spheres surround the branches of light in spherical ornate lights.

Chandeliers range from extremely simple to very dramatic, with a variety of styles and options that allow you to easily match a chandelier to the room’s existing decor. The multi-light design allows lighting to be elegantly spread throughout the room, covering all corners and parts of your imagination.

This style is ideal for mid-century modern room design or other designs, depending on the look and materials used. They are versatile household lighting fixtures that are equally suitable for dining rooms, rooms, corridors, living rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, or offices.

Spherical chandelier

14. Bubble chandeliers

A bubble chandelier consists of glass bubbles that are assembled to form a shape resembling a floating cloud. It has a contemporary or modern design and can be used as an interesting focal point above a dining table or living room area.

Sunlight will create reflected light patterns around your home, while the soothing glow through the glass bubble will brighten your night.
Modern clear glass bulb lamps are usually made of glass and metal and have many clear glass spheres in which the bulb is hidden to complete the effect.

Bubble chandeliers

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15. Recessed chandeliers

Recessed ceiling chandeliers are dome-shaped lighting fixtures that are usually recessed into and flush with the ceiling. The semi-recessed chandelier looks more decorative, with its base slightly lower than the ceiling.

In addition, recessed chandeliers glow downward. These recessed-mounted lights are ideal for preventing dust and debris on the bulbs and lampshades because there is no gap between the ceiling and the lamp.

Recessed chandeliers

16. Geometric chandeliers

The modern geometric chandelier is the same as the square and spherical chandelier, the lighting fixture is installed in a cage frame made of oval and geometric shapes. They are available in a variety of materials and designs and are a lovely modern alternative to traditional square and spherical shapes.

Geometric chandeliers

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17. Imperial Chandeliers

Chandeliers designed in the Imperial style have a very formal and classic look. The shape is usually the aspect that defines it. It usually has two parts. The upper part is shaped like a cone. The bottom half is shaped like an inverted clock or a bowl. The whole piece is composed of small lights and crystals.

Imperial Chandeliers

18. Carriage wheel chandeliers

As the name suggests, carriage wheel chandeliers are made of or designed to look like carriage wheels. This wheeled ceiling light is a lighting device that is suspended from the ceiling in the form of movable wheels. Roman times have the earliest and most important examples of this type of chandelier.

Wheel chandeliers were created for the utilitarian purpose of lighting large religious institutions and other public places, but sometimes, they also have spiritual significance in religion.
Although carriage wheels differ in style, they often branch out and have multiple smaller lights instead of a single main light. They bring a rustic Western feel to any place.

Carriage wheel chandeliers

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19. Mini chandeliers

Mini chandeliers are compact and suitable for use in tight areas. Although this may seem like an unusual option to others, it makes sense for those who want chandeliers but don’t have large rooms and high ceilings.

Traditionally, chandeliers are huge ceiling lights that require a lot of space. However, since these are used in many house rooms, smaller options are also more convenient in rooms that cannot accommodate a larger design.

You’ll often find bathroom chandeliers that are smaller in size because they need the proper spacing to pass inspection. It should be placed at least 8 feet above or 3 feet from the bathtub.
In addition, many bathrooms have pitched ceilings, which may require smaller-diameter light fixtures.

mini chandeliers

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20. Conclusion

The above is about the 18 types of chandeliers all introduced. Whatever your style, there is a chandelier for you. Understanding each type of chandelier will help you make better and faster choices. If you have any questions,  welcome to contact Postmodernlighting.