When talking about the ambiance of home. We had to think of a chandelier. It’s not just that these exquisite light fixtures illuminate your space, they’re also stunning focal points. Plus, chandeliers have a timeless elegance and grandeur. So few things can be comparable to it. However, a difficult question is here. That is how choosing the perfect chandelier can be overwhelming with countless options available in the market. Well, that’s where this post—top chandelier companies in the USA come into play. It offers an array of designs to suit every style and preference for you. Here are a few of these leading companies:

1. List of top 10 chandelier companies in the USA

The following is an introduction to the top 10 chandelier companies in the USA.

Top 1: King’s Chandelier

King's Chandelier logo

Source: https://www.chandelier.com/

Business Type: Chandelier manufacturer and supplier

Establish Year: 1935

Product Range:

  • A range of chandelier
  • Wall sconces
  • Chandelier parts

As we continue our journey through the top chandelier manufacturers in the USA. We stumble upon King’s Chandelier. It was founded in 1935. Count it, already 85 years. King’s Chandelier was just a family business at first. It has grown to become a well-known chandelier manufacturer in Eden, North Carolina now.

In the manufacturing aspect, King’s Chandelier has won the favor of many customers for a long time. This is because of its quality materials and unique craftsmanship. Some of its customers are two or even three generations old. In the repair service, it can also provide replacement parts for each chandelier in time to ensure that the chandelier is always in the best condition.

King’s Chandelier’s goal is to provide satisfied chandeliers for every generation of customers. Its employees provide customized chandeliers for every customer with the most professional and enthusiastic service. You can talk to them directly about any needs you have.

Top 2: Postmodern Lighting

Postmodern lighting logo

Source: https://postmodernlighting.com/chandelier/

Business Type:  Lighting Manufacturer

Establish Year: 2008

Product Range: Lighting solutions

The second company we want to recommend to you is Postmodern Lighting. It is a leading player in the lighting manufacturing industry. Count it, it has almost more than 15 years of experience in crafting knowledge and designing lighting solutions. Why has the company made a name for itself in the global lighting market? This is thanks to its focus on superior craftsmanship and unmatched knowledge.

Each of its products undergoes 4 inspections. Then it can be delivered to the customer. It guarantees the durability and safety of the product in this way. In the export aspect, you can find it in 42 countries around the world.

Top 3: Schonbek

Schonbek logo

Source: https://schonbek.com/

Business Type: Luxury Lighting Brand

Establish Year: 1870

Product Range:

  • Chandeliers
  • Outdoor lights solution
  • Recessed lights
  • Table lamps
  • Wall sconce

Well, the third company we want to introduce to you is Schonbek. Schonbek has been synonymous with luxury lighting for five decades years. It majors in exquisite chandeliers that epitomize glamour and refinement.

Why the Schonbek chandeliers are revered for their intricate crystal designs and impeccable attention to detail? This is because Schonbek uses traditional handcrafted artisan techniques. In terms of customization. It has professional in-house lighting designers and engineers and is manufactured using exquisite craftsmanship such as hand-nailed crystal and laser cutting.

Top 4: Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting logo

Source: https://www.hvlgroup.com/

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Establish Year: 1980s

Product Range:

  • Chandeliers
  • Wall sconce
  • Floor lamps
  • Table lamps
  • Bulbs
  • and more.

The fourth company is Hudson Valley Lighting. It is good at combining contemporary design with artisanal craftsmanship. In this way, it can offer a diverse range of chandeliers that blend form and function seamlessly. There are 3630 producers in its online store. From sleek modern fixtures to vintage-inspired pieces. Its collection showcases a fusion of style influences that cater to eclectic tastes. In the manufacturing aspect, its lighting is full of elegance and efficiency. And makes an emphasis on quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. To ensure each chandelier illuminates your space.

Top 5: Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort logo

Source: https://www.visualcomfort.com/

Business Type: Lighting Designer and Manufacturer

Establish Year: 1987

Product Range:

  • Chandeliers
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Outdoor lights
  • and more.

Visual Comfort is the fifth company we found. It is a leading designer and manufacturer of decorative lighting.  In the style aspect, it has an impressive portfolio of chandeliers. These chandeliers span a spectrum of styles, from traditional to transitional to contemporary. In the design aspect, Kelly Wearstler, Thomas O’Brien, and many other famous designers are cooperate with it. Its goal is to bring innovation and creativity to every design. As a result,  get the chandeliers that are both visually striking and functionally superior.

If you want to find a variety of styles company. We recommend Visual Comfort.

Top 6: Crystorama

Crystorama logo

Source: https://www.crystorama.com/

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Establish Year: 1958

Product Range:

  • Wall sconces
  • Chandeliers and lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor lights

Well, the sixth company we talk about is Crystorama. It can be dated back to 1958. Now, a premier destination for exquisite lighting fixtures has been established by Crystorama. The products include an extensive selection of chandeliers. An experienced customer service team, shipping department, sales staff, and product engineers are made of it. They stay in close contact throughout the entire transaction process of the product.

In terms of design, Crystalama has always insisted on original design. It finds inspiration in New York, art, fashion, architecture, nature, and pop culture. In this way, it can provide many unique products for you.

Top 7: Lumens

Lumens logo

Source: https://www.lumens.com/

Business Type: Lighting Company

Establish Year: 2004

Product Range:

  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling lights
  • Wall lights
  • Floor lamps
  • Table lamps
  • Outdoor lights
  • and more.

Next, let’s talk about Lumens. Why are Lumens so famous? This is because of its vast collection of modern and contemporary lighting fixtures. In the product assortment aspect, it offers over 40,000 products from over 350 of the world’s leading design brands. You can visit its online store and buy the lighting that you want to buy.

It is good at unique designs and energy-efficient lighting solutions. So, if you want to illuminate your spaces with style. I advise you to choose Lumens.

Top 8: Elegance Lighting Co.

Elegance Lighting Co. logo

Source: https://www.elegancelighting.com/

Business Type: Lighting Retailer

Establish Year: Not specified

Product Range:

  • Chandeliers
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Pendants
  • Outdoor lights
  • Wall lights

The eighth company we want to advise is Elegance Lighting Co. It offers a diverse range of chandeliers that cater to every style and budget. Elegance Lighting Co. prides itself on its ability to provide high-quality lighting solutions at affordable prices from traditional designs to contemporary interpretations. In terms of application, it has served customers in restaurants, franchisees, retail, residential lighting, hotels, commercial lighting, and other fields.

In the service aspect, it focuses on customer satisfaction and value for money. Elegance Lighting’s goal is to make luxury lighting accessible to all.

Top 9: Ethan Allen Interiors Inc

Ethan Allen Interiors Inc logo

Source: https://www.ethanallen.com/

Business Type: Custom lighting Manufacturer and supplier

Establish Year: 1932

Product Range:

  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Pendants
  • Chandeliers
  • Desk & Accent Lamps
  • Wall Sconces

Well, the last second company is Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. It was founded in 1932. Count it, already has over 90 years of experience. In the manufacturing aspect, it has a dedicated design, manufacturing team, and advanced technology. For example, laser guidance tools and 3D design software.

It combines technology with unique personalized service. The goal is designed to meet the various lighting needs of customers. In addition, sustainability has always been committed since its inception. It makes protecting natural resources its own mission.

Top 10: Capital Lighting Fixture

Capital Lighting Fixture logo

Source: https://www.capitallightingfixture.com/

Business Type: Decorative lighting supplier

Establish Year: 1990

Product Range:

  • Chandeliers
  • Outdoor lights
  • Sconces
  • Vanity lights
  • Pendants

The last company we will introduce to you is Capital Lighting Fixture. It was founded in 1990. Count it, already has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience.

It majors in creating unique and trend-following lamps with a professional R&D team and a high-quality service team. Why Capital Lighting Fixtures can meet different consumer needs? This is because of its thousands of products and hundreds of unique finishes.

In addition, Capital Lighting Fixture has retail locations and showrooms across the country. By this way, consumers can experience and observe the lights they want to know up close.

2. Factors to consider when choosing a chandelier company

Choosing the right chandelier company involves considering various factors, including:

  • Quality:  First of all, look for a company that puts craftsmanship first and uses quality materials.
  • Design:  Second, think about which style of lighting you prefer. Remember, also take the aesthetics of the space into consideration.
  • Customization:  Third, do you need special customization? Some companies will accommodate your request.
  • Budget:  Fourth, determine your budget and choose a company with competitive prices.
  • Customer Service:  Fifth, understand its reputation. How to do it? Read reviews and related recommendations.
  • Warranty:  Whether the company provides a relevant warranty period for its products, this is the after-sales guarantee of the product.

3. Maintenance and care tips for chandeliers

As we all know, every product requires delicate maintenance after use to ensure a longer service life. Chandeliers are no exception. Here, we give you the three most basic maintenance methods:
First, clean it regularly with a soft, dry cloth. This helps remove dust and debris.

  • Second, avoid using harsh chemicals. This is to prevent damage to precision components.
  • Third, if you don’t want to do it yourself, contacting a professional maintenance service is also a nice choice.
  • In these ways, you can ensure your chandelier remains in pristine condition and continues to illuminate the space.

1) Trends in Chandelier Design

Design trends change as interior decorating tastes and preferences change. A comparison shows that modern chandeliers feature innovative designs that incorporate elements such as geometric shapes, mixed materials, and LED technology. Modern and elegant homeowners prefer organic forms inspired by nature and minimalist designs with clean lines.

2) Environmental Impact

I think you should know sustainable development is an important trend. Its proportion in any industry is increasing. Similarly, to reduce their impact on the environment. Chandelier companies are also adopting eco-friendly practices. From the responsible sourcing of materials to the implementation of energy-saving lighting solutions. The entire production process has been throughout sustainability. You can illuminate your home while minimizing your carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly chandeliers.

4. Chandelier FAQs

1) What is the best chandelier size for my space?

Of course, size matters most when choosing anything for consumers. Size of the room and the height of the ceiling. These are two main factors you should consider when choosing. There is a rule: the diameter of a chandelier (in inches) should be equal to the sum of the length and width of the room (in feet).

2) Is it possible to install chandeliers in rooms with low ceilings?

Yes, if the rooms have low ceilings. You can choose a flush-mount or semi-flush-mount chandelier.

3) What type of lighting is best for a dining room chandelier?

The ideal lighting for dining rooms is a chandelier with dimmable lights. In this way, you can adjust the brightness according to the occasion and ambiance desired.

5. Conclusion

In short, the above are the top 10 chandelier companies we have listed. They are all reliable companies from King’s Chandelier to Capital Lighting Fixture. By choosing a chandelier company that puts quality, design, and customer satisfaction first, you can find the right direction.