This is an inquiry sent by an Australian customer on our website in early October 2018. At that time, the customer selected some models on our website and requested a quotation. The customer mainly sells LED products, such as LED chandeliers, fan lights, wall lamps, table lamps, etc. He has a 1,000-square-meter lighting store in Australia.

1. Cooperative procedure

The following is the relevant procedure in the process of customizing the pendant light for the customer.

1) Models for trial orders

These lights are for his lighting store. The following are the models that customers choose for trial orders.

Australia customer trial order for pendant lights

Due to the rise of decorative lights in recent years, the customer wanted to add new categories, so he went online to find a professional manufacturer of decorative lights. Since the customer has just begun to explore the decorative light market, we quote the customer with a minimum order quantity to support him in exploring the local market at the minimum cost.

2) SAA certificate for the Australian lighting market

Because these lights are to be used in Australia, the local light safety standards require the lights to have SAA certification. Customers are more worried about this. Our light wires, lamp holders, and drivers all have SAA certificates. If the quantity is large, we can also do SAA certification for the light.

Below is the certificate for the SAA certification wires, lamp heads, and drivers we use.

SAA certificate for the Australian lighting market

3) The postmodern lighting factory can provide customized services for light bodies and outer box labels.

In addition, customers pay great attention to brand awareness and require us to put corresponding labels on the light body and outer box according to the content provided by the customer.

Because the customer doesn’t want their brand to be leaked, we don’t put the customer’s logo here. To explain to you how we help customers make these labels.

customized services for light bodies and outer box labels

4) The customer decides to place this trial order.

Just because we solved the customer’s doubts, the customer immediately confirmed this trial order at the end of October. After confirming all the details, the customer arranged a 30% deposit in early November, and we started arranging production.

1. The following is the deposit slip arranged by the customer.

Trial order deposit

2. We also put corresponding labels on the outer boxes according to the customer’s requirements. The labels on the outer boxes pictures as below.

labels on the outer boxes

3. Because it was a trial order, the production was very fast. We finished the production in about 10 days. This is a photo of us loading the customer’s lights into the container on November 15th as below.

loading the lights into the container

After this trial order, the customer was delighted with our products and services and placed another order in April 2019. This time 300 pendant lights were needed for a hotel restaurant in Australia.

Because the delivery time is very urgent, the customer requires us to complete it within 15 days. Based on the customer’s urgency, we prioritized the production of this batch of orders. Finally, the order was completed and shipped in about 12 days.

If the customer needs the goods in a hurry, you can tell us in advance and we will prioritize your goods for production. You don’t have to worry about the delivery date. As long as we agree, we will complete the production within the promised time.

Now we continue to maintain good cooperation with this customer, and the customer’s orders are getting bigger and bigger. What started as a few cubic meters of goods has grown to more than 20 cubic meters, and is now a whole container.

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5) New order in 2019

This is the 2019 new order proforma invoice as below.

2019 new order

1. This is the 30% deposit for this order as below.

New order 30% deposit

2. This is the pendant lights production process, it is made by first stamping the raw materials and spinning the lampshade, then spray-painting the lampshade and baking it at high temperature.

production process

3. The following is the feedback from customers after receiving our lights. At present, the customer has received all the lights and unboxed them for inspection. No problems have been found for the time being. However, if there are any quality problems with the lights in the future, we are still helping customers solve them.

customer feedback by email

4. The following is a feedback picture from a customer after they installed the lights. The customer said that the local hotel owner was very satisfied with the overall effect and would buy them again if they needed other lights.


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2. FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions from customers during cooperation and our solutions.

1) Q: Do your lights have the certifications required in Australia?

A: Yes, our cable, lamp holder, plug and led drivers have SAA certificated in Australia. If you have a batch order, We can make SAA certification for the entire lamp.

2) Q: Can we place a small order to test the quality of your lights first?

A: Yes, we accept small orders to test our products and services.

3) Q: Can you put our company’s logo on the lights and the outer box?

A: Yes, you can send me your company logo.

4) Q: If we receive the lights damaged, how will you solve it? Such as glass is broken.

A: If the glass is damaged, we will give you a new glass shade, if the whole light is broken and can not be used, we will send you a new whole light.

5) Q: Can you send me HD pictures of all the lights in my order?

A: Yes, we can send light HD pictures to you.

6) Q: How often do you update new lights? Can you send it to me every time?

A: We will update new lights every month, and I will share them with you as soon as there are new ones.

7) Q: If my time is very tight, can you arrange production within the stipulated time and ship the goods on time?

A: Yes,  we can complete production within the specified time.

8) Q: why can customers place orders quickly and continue to return orders to us?

In conclusion, first, we have sufficiently novel styles that the lights purchased by customers can be favored by local customers and sold quickly.

Second, we have the SAA certification required locally, so customers can rest assured of our quality standards.

Third, we update the latest styles monthly, allowing customers to seize the local market in advance.

Fourth, our delivery speed is very fast, small orders can be completed in 7-10 days, and bulk orders can be completed in 15-20 days. We can help customers save a lot of time.

Finally, we have good after-sales service. If there are any problems with the lamps during transportation or use, we will compensate the customer for free. Let customers feel confident to cooperate with us.

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3. Conclusion

Postmodernlighting is a leading lighting manufacturer in China, which has been supplying lighting for 15+ years. We supply chandeliers &pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps to customers worldwide.