During our investigation, we found that marble wall lights are uncommon in general homes, because of their expensive price and unusual materials. However, when we searched for the keyword “marble wall light” on Google. We found that there are several suppliers in Spain that major in manufacturing marble wall lights. They create some of the best-selling marble wall lights through combining craftsmanship with art, and these lights are sold around the world. Next, let’s explore the top 10 companies leading the charge in Spain.

1. What makes marble wall lights special?

Marble wall sconces attract people’s interest more than wall sconces of other materials because of their beauty and unique charm. What about marble to be seen as unique? Its naturally occurring texture and pattern. For this reason, there are no two marble wall lights exactly the same in the world. On the other hand, the marble has a natural characteristic, that is translucent. It allows light to be diffused softly, so that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. In a nutshell, installing marble lights in a room not only illuminates your space but also enhances the aesthetic height of the room.

2. Top 10 marble wall light companies in Spain

Here are the top 10 marble wall light companies in Spain.

Top 1: Mariner lighting

Mariner lighting logo

Source: https://www.marinerluxury.com/en

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established Year: 1893

Products: Mariner Lighting produces a variety of luxury lighting fixtures, the following are his common products:

  • Table Lamps
  • chandeliers
  • Wall Light
  • floor lamps
  • and more.

Founded in 1893. Mariner is a Spanish luxury lighting manufacturer. Its designers focus on original artistic lamps, aiming to combine lighting with home decoration.

Mariner’s main inspiration for lamp design comes from traditional Spanish interior decoration. Classical, neoclassical, romantic, and modern styles are the main design styles of Mariner lamps. Bronze, Italian crystal, porcelain, and textiles are the most commonly used materials in lamp design. The combination of these elements makes Mariner lamps more elegant than any other lamps.

In addition, Mariner has opened an online store so that buyers can choose from convenience. Once buyers place an order, it can be shipped immediately. If you want to pursue personalized lighting, I will recommend you Mariner.

Top 2: Postmodern Lighting

Postmodern lighting logoSource: https://postmodernlighting.com/marble-wall-lights/

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Establish Year: 2008

Product Range: Lighting solutions

The second wall light company I will recommend is Postmodern. It was founded in 2008. Its major business is indoor lighting. I have some clients who have been cooperated with him, he has a real factor which covers an area of about  5,000 square meters. There are 200 experienced workers assembling lamps here. Expect that, it also has 3 production lines, a hardware workshop, and a painting and electroplating workshop. It can produce 30,000 lights per month.

The pendant lamps, chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. All of these are Postmodern’s superior products. For safety, these products undergo four different tests before being sent to customers: surface inspection, electrical test, lamp aging test, and drop test. They are also guaranteed to pass CE and ROHS tests. Postmodern’s engineering team develops new products every month based on changes in the lighting market, with the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of buyers.

After 15 years of manufacturing and sales experience, Postmodern has obtained more than 20 lighting patents. This means it has always been creating. Postmodern products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world because of their high quality. If you are looking for an experienced Chinese lighting manufacturer, Postmodern is the first company I will recommend to you.

Top 3: Brillante Lighting

Brillante Lighting logoSource: https://www.brillanteinternational.com/

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established Year: 1994

Products: Luxury luminaires

The third lighting manufacturer is Brillante. It was founded in 1994. Calculate it, it has 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. Its identity is an electronics and lighting manufacturer. It has its own team of designers and engineers.

Brillante Lighting’s products are based on Spanish art and culture and then integrated with buyers’ OEM/ODM services. Finally, they design lamps that satisfy customers. During the manufacturing process, Brillante Lighting has been monitored strictly. All lamps can only be delivered to customers after passing the inspection.

Brillante Lighting has worked with large and well-known lighting companies in the United States over the past 30 years. Their aim is to develop a range of indoor and landscape lighting. If you are looking for an indoor lighting manufacturer with rich experience, I will advise you to choose Brillante Lighting.


ESTILUZ logoSource: https://www.estiluz.com/en

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer (Family-run)

Established Year: 1969

Products: Classic design lights (produced in-house using premium components and finishes)

The fourth worth talked is Estiluz. It was founded in 1969. Its identity is a decorative lighting manufacturer that majors in creative decorative lamps. For this reason, it preferred talented designers in the lighting aspect.

During the designing period, Estiluz works with architects to come up with reliable lighting solutions for space design. Estiluz then adjusts the lighting according to the actual needs of the customer. Each Estiluz product is made of the highest standard raw materials in the industry, and each lamp is manually assembled. Users can get a unique experience through manual assembly.

In addition, Estiluz has been involved in various lighting projects for more than 50 years and has successfully completed them. For example, Austin Office, Toral Clinic Lighting, Florence Central Library Lighting, Spanish Private Jet Terminal, etc.

Top 5: BOVER

BOVER logoSource: https://bover.es/es/

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established Year: 1996

Products: Diverse range of lamps (pendant, floor, table, wall, and ceiling lights) with a focus on timeless design

Joana Bover established Bover in Barcelona in 1996. It is currently one of the top lighting brands in our nation and has developed to the point that it is available in many nations and has its own US subsidiary.

According to its creator, Bover is the epitome of ageless design, where lamps serve as more than just light sources—they also seamlessly transition between different settings and eras.
Their crew demonstrates expertise and a thorough understanding of art, culture, and their surroundings when creating their models. There is a huge selection of lamps in Bover, whether they are pendant, floor, table, wall, or ceiling lights.

Its cutting-edge materials and modern design ensure outstanding quality. Furthermore, Bover is an expert in large-format lighting collections that are tailored for expansive areas.

Top 6: Barcelona Light

Barcelona Light logoSource: www.faro.es

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established Year: 1945

Products: Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, ventilation systems, and technical lighting (known for innovative designs and functionality)

Barcelona is well known for its inventiveness, trends, and design sensibilities. A city brimming with artistic expression that serves as a haven for many designers. For Faro, it has been the same.
This lighting company started off producing flexors in 1945, but it has since managed to reinvent itself and expand its range of products to include other design categories. For almost 60 years, Faro Barcelona has illuminated venues in many nations across the globe.

Works that evince this wonderful family’s enthusiasm and professionalism. Based on the products it sells, the company splits its offering into four business lines: ventilation, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, and technical lighting.

They all operate under the same work philosophy, which is centered on producing designs that facilitate people’s lives. Designs that are both cozy and aesthetically pleasing and that convey awareness, respect, energy, well-being, and devotion.

There are no boundaries or restrictions for Faro Barcelona; their goal is to bring light to any endeavor. They have benefited from the cooperation of numerous significant designers who have added touches of originality and inventiveness throughout their history.

Faro Barcelona consistently makes investments and wagers on unique ideas, high quality, and most importantly, products that satisfy functional requirements.


ARKOSLIGHT logoSource: www.arkoslight.com

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer (Valencian)

Established Year: 1984

Products: Wide range of high-quality, innovative lighting solutions (floor, table, pendant, and wall lamps)

For almost thirty years, Arkoslight has been producing lighting products. This Valencian enterprise was founded in 1984 with a single goal in mind: illumination. They have been striving for years to provide a large selection of high-quality, innovatively designed products.

Arkoslight believes that light, despite occasionally going unseen, is an essential component of any room. Even though natural light is what we typically seek out for illumination, this company makes an effort to create the same harmony with its products.

The aesthetics and individuality of its lighting are important to many designers, architects, and interior designers. Many different award-winning floor, table, pendant, and wall lamps are available.
Every design features excellent materials and finishes in a modern aesthetic. For this reason, Arkoslight consistently outperforms itself, creating lights that radiate quality and transform the surroundings into a welcoming and appealing area.


KAISHI logoSource: https://kaishi-lamps.com

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer (Valencian)

Established Year: Early 20th century

Products: Design lamps with high-quality materials and finishes (blending Scandinavian and Eastern influences)

Kaishi is a fledgling business that was founded with the goal of assisting individuals in raising their level of pleasure and quality of life. They accomplish this by producing high-quality design lamps with superior materials and finishes. They are in charge of the entire product’s creative process, including conception, production, assembly, and distribution.

With a wealth of knowledge in the various design and marketing domains, Kaishi provides lamps that are influenced by both the practicality of Scandinavian design and the aesthetics of Eastern culture. designs that blend several styles to create novel and classic items.

Materials that reflect light and accentuate the piece, which is created through a painstaking creative process, are on display in its collection. This Valencian firm creates creative lights with embellishments in glass, metal, and wood.

Top 9: LEDS C4

LEDS C4 logoSource: https://ledsc4.com/es

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer (Group of Lighting Experts)

Established Year: More than 40 years

Products: LED lighting solutions categorized into LEDS C4, Grok, Carandini, and Forlight collections (focused on quality, durability, and performance)

LEDS C4 is a group of lighting experts who divide their products into four groups based on their use and interpretation: LEDS C4, Grok, Carandini, and Forlight. Its offices are in Torà, Lleida, and all of its collections are made and designed there. The company has been around for more than 40 years.

Nowadays, this company has grown to be in more than 140 countries around the world. As a result, it has experienced many meaningful projects and cooperates with many reliable clients. Their goal is to make spaces more useful and beautiful through light.

When LEDS C4 designs a lamp, quality, durability, and performance are the most important things to them. To make the best goods on the market, the whole team works hard to improve materials, designs, and processes all the time.

For them, light is an important part of architecture because it makes a place feel good and comfortable. All of their lamps are made using detailed steps that make sure the pieces will last a long time. As its name says, LEDS C4 was one of the first companies to use LED lighting, which is a very new technology. So, the company makes lamps that are not only new and different, but also work well.


THE CARPYEN logoSource: www.carpyen.com

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established Year: 1948

Products: High-quality, creative, and innovative lamps (floor, table, hanging, wall, ceiling, and outdoor lighting)

Finally, we have Carpyen. Antonio Carpintero, Encarnación Celdrán, and Roberto Carpintero started this lighting business in 1948. Carpyen has become a leader in its field and every year comes out with new styles that show how much it loves doing good work.

There are many options for lamps, including floor, table, hanging, wall, ceiling, and outdoor lights that are high-quality, creative, and new. Characteristics that make Carpyen stand out. Barcelona, where the company began, has become a source of ideas for the brand’s designs. Barcelona is known for its creativity and energy, and its lamps add to any room with their comforting and warm designs. Without a question, Carpyen is the best way to light up any room in your house while also looking good.

3. Conclusion

When it comes to selecting the perfect marble wall lights for your space, choosing the right company is paramount. The top 10 marble wall light companies in Spain mentioned above offer a diverse range of designs, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. Whether you prefer classic elegance or modern innovation, you’re sure to find the ideal lighting solution from these reputable companies.