When purchasing wooden wall lamps, Swedish customers consider not only their quality but also their design. In the past 16 years, Postmodernlighting has served many Swedish clients, one of which makes us impressive. We communicated repeatedly in the design process and made just a sample more than 10 times.

Swedish companies want to bring their users an elegant and warm atmosphere with their wood wall lights. In this article, we have collected 10 reliable Swedish wooden wall lamp companies. They all have one common feature, which is very strict quality control. If you are looking for wooden wall lights for your home or office, consider these suppliers as a reference:

1. Top 10 wood wall light companies in Sweden

In this list, we’ve included both Sweden-based companies and some Chinese companies that offer wholesale wood wall lights to Sweden users. Here are the top 10 wood wall lights companies in Sweden that you should consider for your lighting needs:

Top 1: AuraLight International AB

AuraLight International AB logo

Source: https://www.auralight.com/

Establish Year: 1930

Business Type: Manufacturer

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

Aura Light International is a reputable and reliable lighting company. Its goal is to make the world a better place by using long-lasting LED lights. Because they know what LED technology can do, they have put a lot of money into it. Their manufacturing plan is based on making fixtures that last, are good for the environment, and are of high quality. This is especially true for business users.

The Wood Wall Lights from Aura are cool. Every type of room or customer can find what they need among the many shapes, sizes, and designs available. Plus, most of these products are smart options that not only give you good lights but also lower your costs of running them. Aura also has a team of workers whose only job is to help customers pick the best lighting options. Also, making sure that every customer has the best experience possible.

Top 2: Postmodern Lighting

Postmodern lighting logo

Source: https://postmodernlighting.com/wood-wall-lights/

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Establish Year: 2008

Product Range: Lighting solutions

Located in China, Postmodern Lighting has served dozens of Swedish customers in the past 16 years. For wood wall lights, they can provide one-stop crafting and designing solutions to Swedish clients. As a strong Lighting manufacturer, Postmodern Lighting has a good reputation in China and Sweden. With 5000 sq.m of production and office space, Postmodern Lighting can produce over 1000,000 pcs of wood wall lights per month.

Its illustrious journey spans over 15 years, marked by unparalleled dedication to crafting and designing lighting solutions. Their products include encompassing chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps, each meticulously crafted to elevate any space. Notably, our pendant lights series shines brightly, featuring exquisite marble, yellow travertine, and wooden pendant lights, all at prices that defy competition.

Every product at Postmodern Lighting undergoes rigorous scrutiny across four meticulous departments prior to shipment. From surface inspections to electric tests, lamp aging trials, and anti-drop assessments, quality is our unwavering commitment. Furthermore, they align seamlessly with their customers’ import procurement requisites, ensuring compliance with CE and ROHS standards for safe delivery.

Top 3: ShineLong

ShineLong logo

Source: https://www.shinelongled.com/

Establish Year: 2010

Business Type: Manufacturer & Supplier

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

Now, ShineLong LED is one of the best-LED lighting names in Sweden, even though it’s made in China. Why? Because some of the best goods in the world come from them. The reason for this is that ShineLong doesn’t skimp on the quality of its LED goods. They promise that their Wood Wall Lights will give off good lighting and work well. So, we can promise you lighting options that will last, work well, and won’t break the bank.

The company has a staff of skilled professionals with a lot of experience who are both creative and good at using LED technology. The prices of ShineLong LED lights are also very low, so you get more for your money. No matter how big or difficult your order is, this company knows how to do it quickly, professionally, and with extra care. To make high-quality light fixtures that are also good for the environment, they use environmentally friendly production methods.

Top 4: Modernity

Modernity logo

Source: https://www.modernity.se/

Business Type: Furniture, lighting, art collection, and vendors

Establish Year: 1998

Product Range:

  • Floor lamps
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Table lamps
  • Wall lamps

Modernity started life as a gallery, founded in 1998. Currently, it collects and sells works by famous 20th-century Nordic designers. To provide excellent collections to museums around the world such as New York, Los Angeles, etc. Modernity, which caters mainly to middle – and high-end people, is where people can find the artsy lighting they want.

In addition, Modernity has showrooms and galleries all over the world so that customers can actually feel the lighting. It offers a full range of pre-sale and after-sale services, allowing customers to get the light they want just by phone call or email.

Top 5: Fagerhults Belysning AB

Fagerhults Belysning AB logo

Source: https://www.fagerhult.com/

Establish Year: 1945

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

Fagerhults is a reliable and skilled company that has been making lighting solutions for decades. They usually come up with ideas for public places, both inside and outside. With eco-friendly lights, this company wants to help make the world a better place and the future brighter. The most important thing is that their goods are tested in real life.

Competency is one of the most amazing things about Fagerhults. The people who work for this company are skilled and know a lot about LED light technology. Their production methods have been checked, confirmed, and given the all-clear for quality and safety. Also, Fagerhults is in charge of the Bright Future Initiative, which helps poor people in Africa get long-lasting lights.

Top 6: XCEN AB

XCEN AB logo

Source: https://www.xcen.se/

Establish Year: 2006

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

The XCEN Lighting Company is an expert in both designing and manufacturing lights for public spaces and homes. This Swedish business was set up in 2006 as a part of Varnamo Belysning Company. They have a team of people who are very good at customer service and know a lot about LED growth. You can always count on XCEN to get you the right LED panels for the job, no matter the area or the project.

Some of their best services are lighting planning, designing custom LED fixtures, making professional LEDs, and distributing luminaires. They have solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs that are of good quality, last a long time, work well, and don’t break the bank. So, if you’re in Sweden, think of XCEN as a good light partner. Especially if you need help with your lighting job.

Top 7: Elektro Elco AB

Elektro Elco AB logo

Source: https://www.elco.se/

Establish Year: 1948

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

Elektro AB has been in the light business for over fifty years. They develop, make, and sell LED fixtures as their main business. Under the brand name Hide-a-Lite, this company makes modern and stylish lighting options. As time has gone on, the brand’s main goal has been to meet the high standards of energy efficiency and sustainability.

In two ways, Elco tries to keep the quality of its goods at the highest level. First, by making sure that workers’ skills are always getting better. Second, by the skills that employees bring to the job. Since business spaces change all the time, their Wood Wall Lights come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of those spaces.

Top 8: LEDsystem Scandivania AB

LEDsystem Scandivania AB logo

Source: https://www.ledsystem.se/

Establish Year: 2007

Business Type: Lighting Distributor

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

In Sweden, LEDsystem is a well-known company that brings in and sells LED lighting options. It works with stores, the city government, and the county council. Since 2007, this business has been in the LED business. And has built a good name for itself over time by providing high-quality goods and services. One thing I like about LEDSystem is that their prices are reasonable, so you get more for your money.

Their LED lighting systems can be used in both public and private places. LED downlights, LED headlights, kitchen lighting systems, and LED panels are just a few examples. Also, the newest LED technology is used to make all of the company’s goods.

Top 9: FactorLED

FactorLED logo

Source: https://www.factorled.com/

Establish Year: 2015

Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

It began in 2015 as FactorLED. The company’s main goal ever since it began has been to sell industrial lamps with LED technology. FactorLED is a company in Pinto, Madrid, whose goal is to meet the wants of its customers with materials. In general, they care a lot about quality, growth, longevity, and new ideas.

People know this company for its excellent customer service and clear communication. They also say that it’s easy to pay and that shipping is quick and safe. Aside from that, FactorLED’s team has worked with both commercial and residential lights before. They sell things like LED light bulbs, LED screens, and other lighting for businesses. They also sell accessories that are necessary for using their LED goods.

Top 10: Elitled Sweden AB

Elitled Sweden AB logo

Source: https://www.elitled.se/

Establish Year: 2014

Business Type: Lighting Wholesaler

Product Range: Wood Wall Lights

Elite is one of the best LED companies in Sweden. It was started in 2014 and has grown quickly. It sells high-quality lighting items, such as LED screens. Some of the companies that use their goods are Google Global Site, Site Tag, G Suite, and Binero. The company works closely with its providers to make sure that customers have the best experience possible before and after they buy something.

One thing I like about Elitled is that it works hard to make its features better. They make sure that all of their items are safe and of good quality. This helps people get the best goods for their projects. In addition, the company has 88 skilled and creative workers who work for it.

2. Conclusion

Wood wall lights can be designed in different styles, from minimalist designs to innovative concepts, the 10 Swedenwood wall light companies can provide a diverse range of wood wall lights and services to meet different client’s requirements.

In this list, we found that there are a few Sweden wood wall light companies, we will keep updating this list, if you have some reliable Sweden wood wall light suppliers, can contact us to recommend them.