Everyone knows that hotel lighting is one of the most important parts of completing a hotel project. So do you know how to choose and use a hotel lobby chandelier for your project? Do you understand the hotel lobby chandelier customization process and how to find the right supplier for your project? What is the latest trend in hotel lobby chandeliers now?

Perhaps you may have these or more questions about hotel lobby chandeliers while working on a hotel project. We will introduce all the information about the chandelier in the hotel lobby in detail in the following article.

1. What are hotel and hotel lobby chandeliers?

Hotel and hotel lobby chandeliers are an important part of a hotel’s style and design

The hotel lobby chandelier has a variety of categories, the most common are crystal chandelier, glass chandelier, modern chandelier, layered chandelier, and so on.

The chandelier in the hotel lobby is an important part of the hotel’s style and design. Usually, for most people, a suitable and high-grade chandelier style is enough to set the tone of a hotel.

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2. Why do most hotel lighting require lobby chandeliers?

The chandelier in the lobby is crucial to the success of the hotel. Now, let’s look at it from the following five perspectives:

  1. First of all, custom hotel lobby chandeliers can help the hotel to stand out. Through different custom chandeliers, the hotel can highlight the brand characteristics, cultural characteristics, and management grade of the hotel.
  2. Secondly, the custom lobby chandelier can meet some special needs of the hotel space. The more flexible size of a custom hall chandelier will help a lot compared to the fixed size common for decorative lighting on the market, which means you can size it according to the specific needs of the space.
  3. Third, custom hall chandeliers can be used in interior design. When designing the interior space, the designer or the hotel can choose and customize different chandeliers according to their function and style.
  4. Fourth, the custom hall chandelier allows the hotel to keep pace with The Times. By incorporating some of the latest elements into the hotel’s custom lighting, the regular custom chandelier will look different and stylish. For example, you can make some changes to their material, color, and style based on various trends.
  5. Fifth, customized lobby chandeliers can meet the requirements of hotels with different budget levels. For some budget hotels, customized lobby chandeliers can help them meet basic needs by customizing the material or type of chandelier.

Customized hotel lobby chandelier

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3. Hotel lobby chandelier general certification and quality requirements

Hotel lobby chandelier general certification and quality requirements Hotel lighting certification requirements can refer to other lighting certification requirements. The following are common certifications, including CE, VDE, UL, ETL, SAA, and CCC.

1) CE

The CE mark on a product confirms that it complies with the relevant EU regulations and that the product can be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area.

The CE mark on hotel lamps indicates that the safety of the lamps has been guaranteed and can be sold in the EU.

2) VDE

VDE is the German testing and certification body responsible for providing VDE testing and certification for products in Germany and other countries.

The VDE logo on the hotel lamps indicates that the lamps have been tested for safety and quality and are recognized worldwide for production certification.

3) UL

The UL mark on a product indicates that the product confirms its compliance with relevant U.S. regulations.

The UL mark on hotel lamps indicates that the lamps have been tested for safety and can be sold worldwide.

4) ETL

ETL is a security certification with North American access rights.

The ETL logo on the hotel light fixture indicates that the light fixture has been tested for safety and can be sold in the United States and Canada.

5) ADA

The ADA mark on a product confirms that it meets the Accessibility Design standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The ADA logo on hotel lighting (especially wall lamps) indicates that the lighting complies with ADA guidelines.

6) CCC

The CCC mark on the hotel lamp indicates that the product is confirmed to comply with relevant Chinese regulations and can be sold and used in China.

Different certificate

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4. How to find the most suitable hotel lobby chandelier supplier

Having the most suitable lighting supplier is crucial for your project. This is an eight-step guide to finding a supplier. We hope it will be of great help to you.

1) Step 1

The first step is to know where to find these suppliers. It is recommended that you conduct an initial search through a search engine, trade show, or B2B platform.

2) Step 2

The second step is to classify these suppliers by visiting their websites or visiting them in person, identifying the nature of their services, manufacturers, or trading companies. This way, you can learn more about them and more easily choose the right one for your project.

3) Step 3

Third, you need to learn more about their competing products, such as small lights for bedroom decoration large chandeliers for hotel lobbies, or their expertise in different materials.

4) Step 4

The fourth step is to investigate the projects that these suppliers are involved in, including the names of their previous target hotels and the grades of these hotels. By analyzing their target customers, you can determine if they can meet your needs.

5) Step 5

In the fifth step, you need to know which countries they export to and whether they have the appropriate product safety certification, such as CE, SAA, ETL, UL, or SASO.

6) Step 6

The sixth step is to present your lighting requirements to the supplier. Then you can further communicate with the supplier about their product price, delivery time, payment terms, warranty period, and packaging requirements. To have an accurate choice, you’d better be as specific as possible about your requirements, even the design.

7) Step 7

Seventh, another key factor is the quality of communication. Not only during the order fulfillment process but also during the after-sales period, many product details have to be discussed, which requires effective and timely communication between the supplier and you. Otherwise, the entire production schedule will be delayed, and the product may not meet your design requirements.

8) Step 8

Step eight: If possible, visit the supplier in person. This will help you evaluate them more intuitively.

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5. Hotel lobby chandelier design trend

Hospitality is an ever-evolving world. The chandelier in the hotel lobby is the facade of the hotel. The manager must update it at any time. Now, let’s understand what are the main trends to focus on for a complete design.

1) Save energy and maintenance costs

To adapt to the sustainable development strategy, most hotels will be energy saving and environmental protection as an important principle of the hotel lobby chandelier. More and more hotels are choosing LED as the main light source, which helps save electricity and maintenance costs.

2) Smart technology

This digital, networked age has spawned a range of high-tech products. More and more hotels are committed to applying this technological wisdom to their custom hotel lobby chandeliers. For example, hotels connect sensor systems to their lights. In this case, the light can even control itself without human power.

3) Humanization

Taking into account the high requirements of modern people, the hotel through the use of technology, the hotel lobby chandelier is more and more humane.

4) Simple design

One of the hotel lobby chandelier trends: the simpler the better

In today’s society, we can say simple style is the modern aesthetic, especially the pursuit of most young people. Recognizing this trend, hotels tend to be minimalist in lighting design.

In addition, with a manageable lighting control system, guests’ lighting needs can be more easily met.

5) Warm and homey

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to enjoy a good time in a hotel with relatives and friends, which makes most people’s understanding of the hotel extend to the function of the hotel only as a place for temporary rest.

As a result, more and more hotels use warm chandelier styles to provide ambient lighting and create a warm atmosphere for people.

6) Personalization

To attract more people, the hotel will personalize the lobby chandelier. Often, they will incorporate local culture and characteristics into custom lighting that will make them stand out.

Hotel lobby chandelier design trend

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6. Conclusion

With this complete guide, we believe you have gained a better understanding of hotel lobby chandeliers and how to make them better for your upcoming hotel project.

Lighting and decorating your hotel with the most appropriate hotel lobby chandelier is not an easy task and requires you to invest more time in each step. A reliable lighting supplier can help you save time and ensure that all hotel that requires lighting is done with exceptional quality and excellent design.