As we all know, Delhi is known for its rich manufacturing experience. Many companies choose Delhi as an ideal place to open a manufacturing factory. Because there are many less-cost labors and low-rent place. Among the most manufactured industries, wooden table lamps are one of the most popular products. Since they are good sales, they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly, making them a popular choice for both homes and offices.

This post will help those who want to wholesale wood table lamps from Delhi or its around countries. We have selected the top 10 wood table lamp manufacturers in Delhi based on their reputation, quality of products, and customer satisfaction to help you choose the right manufacturer quickly. All these manufacturers we choose use only the finest quality wood and materials. You can use them to create unique and beautiful designs that are sure to enhance any living space.

1. Criteria for selecting a wood table lamp manufacturer

Maybe you are new in the wood table lamp business, but any industry has its own criteria. You can choose the right manufacturer and ensure they will provide you with high-quality products and excellent service by obeying these criteria. Now, the following are four criteria for you whether you are new or experienced.

1) Quality of Materials

To begin with, what materials do manufacturers use and how about the quality of materials? These are important points. Because these can decide the lifetime of table lamps. Definitely, to ensure that the lamp is safe to use and will last for a long time, manufacturers should use high-quality wood that is durable and long-lasting and high-quality electrical components.

2) Design and Style

Next, another important factor is to know the design and style of the lamps produced by the manufacturer. Though there are many manufacturers in the world, every manufacturer has their own preferred style. Whatever, choosing the fittest for the decor of the room is most important. Of course, the manufacturer should offer you a variety of styles and designs to choose from so that you can find the perfect lamp for your needs.

3) Customization Options

Do you have any specific requirements for your wood table lamps? So you should select the manufacturer who provides customization options.  Such as a particular size or shape. This will allow you to get a lamp that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

4) Price and Value

Finally, the price and value of lamps produced by the manufacturer can decide your business profit. Sometimes, I know you don’t want to overspend, but it’s important to remember that high-quality wood table lamps are an investment that will last for many years. You’d better look for a manufacturer who offers fair prices for their products and who provides good value for your money in case of business loss.

All in all, the above four criteria are just some advice for your choosing a manufacturer road. There are of course more to consider in real a situation. Please keep in mind that finding a manufacturer who will provide you with high-quality, stylish lamps that meet your needs and budget is important.

2. Top 10 wood table lamp manufacturers in Delhi

Now let’s have a detailed look at the top 10 wood table lamp manufacturers in Delhi.

Top 1: Postmodern Lighting

Postmodern lighting logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established: 2008


  • LED bulbs
  • Decorative lights
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • and more.

Postmodern Lighting is the first manufacturer. Although its factory is not located in Delhi. It has been have business in India for many years. Postmodern Lighting has a rich experience in interior lighting. It has 5,000 square meters of factory and office space, and more than 200 excellent employees work in the 3 production lines equipped with advanced production equipment. The maximum annual production capacity can reach 30,000 wooden table lamps. What’s more, the most worth talking about is its designers from 3 countries.

Postmodern Lighting has 15 years of experience in producing wooden table lamps. It mainly uses natural wood materials such as beech, oak, ash, black walnut, etc. as raw materials for the production of table lamps. It adopts manual production and sometimes combines fabric covers, glass, and wood. Finally, it creates more novel wooden table lamps.

Postmodern Lighting’s wooden table lamps are suitable for a wide range of applications. You can place them in lighting stores, homes, hotels, restaurants and various workspaces. Currently, Postmodern’s wooden table lamps have served 200 customers from various industries every year. In addition, all wooden table lamps in its catalog are provided with a two-year warranty service.

Top 2: Upaskar Creations (Rohini, Delhi)

Upaskar Creations logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer & Distributor

Established Year: 2018


  • Innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions – LED panels
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Downlights
  • Track lighting
  • etc.

Imagine stepping into a miniature Mughal palace bathed in a warm glow. Upaskar Creations’ wooden table lamps are intricate works of art, drawing inspiration from Delhi’s rich architectural heritage. Carved details reminiscent of the Jama Masjid or intricate jaali work (latticework) might adorn their Sheesham wood lamps, casting captivating patterns of light and shadow on your walls.

Top 3: Lighting India

Lighting India logo


Business Type: Lighting Retailer & Distributor

Established Year: 2005


  • Extensive range of lighting solutions – chandeliers
  • LED options
  • Decorative fixtures
  • etc.

Lighting India established in 2005, can be called a leading lighting manufacturer in India.

Diversity is the advantage of Lighting India’s lighting products, including classic chandeliers, LED lighting, automotive lighting, aviation lighting, and stage lighting. Its professional lighting control and solutions can truly meet the customized needs of customers. Their wide coverage makes them a one-stop shop for all your lighting needs.

In addition, if you need it, Lighting India can also provide tailor-made lighting design. In the past 10 years, Lighting India has participated in lighting design projects such as Robe for Ljubljana Academy of Music, D’corexxx Le Boudoir lighting Design, Yellow Studio Illuminates the Eurovision Song Contest, etc. If you want to find a strong lamp manufacturer to design lamps, Lighting India is a good choice.




Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer & Distributor

Established Year: 2020


  • ceiling light
  • desk lamp
  • wall sconce
  • floor lamp

Established in 2020, LAMP SHAPER is a modern lighting manufacturer in India.

LAMP SHAPER focuses on simple lamps that combine quality and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the natural raw materials and production processes it uses. Each lamp is personally directed by its chief designer BIJENDER SINGH and has its own source. Therefore, LAMP SHAPER’s lamps are produced on demand and each product can be customized according to customer requirements.

If you are looking for a manufacturer with unique creativity to design lamps, LAMP SHAPER may be a good choice.

Top 5: Philips Electronics India Ltd.

Philips Electronics India Ltd. logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer & Distributor

Established: 1891 (Global) | 1937 (India)


  • A trusted brand
  • Philips offers a wide range of LED lights
  • Luminaires
  • decorative lighting solutions

Well, I can’t believe there is nobody who doesn’t know the brand–Philips. It was established a branch in 1937 in India.

Philips Electronics India offers you various types and styles of lighting products, including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. The styles involved include modern, classic, creative, etc. In the past 85 years, Philips Electronics India has developed rapidly and now has covered customers in the fields of home, office, industry, street lighting, gardening, sports, etc.

To keep the time pace, Philips Electronics India is also continuously exploring the field of smart lighting and has developed lighting solutions that rely on Wi-Fi connection for control.

Top 6: Havells India Ltd.

Havells India Ltd. logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer & Distributor

Established: 1950

Products: Havells is a household name in India, offering a comprehensive range of lighting solutions from functional ceiling lights to stylish chandeliers and outdoor lighting options.

Havells was established in 1950. From then on, it was a supplier and distributor of lighting fixtures in India. As far as I survey, it has 15 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at 8 locations in India, all these factories are with fully integrated manufacturing facilities.

Havells offers a wide range of lamps, which can meet buyers’ needs for home art lamps, LED lamps, portable lighting, gorgeous tubes, and other practical lamps. To facilitate customers to purchase, it has a professional online store platform. You just search name of the product, you can find the product you want to buy. I think those people who have no time to go to physical stores to shop will like this way.

In addition, Havells thinks the experience of customers is also important. So it also set up offline showrooms. The purpose is to allow buyers to actually experience the product’s features before purchasing and gain a deeper understanding of the product.

Top 7: Wipro Lighting

Wipro Lighting logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established: 1945

Products: They offer a wide variety of lighting options for residential and commercial spaces.

Wipro Lighting was established in 1945. Its major is manufacturing indoor and outdoor lighting. It has real factories, a team of highly qualified lighting design professionals, and a team of application experts.

Wipro Lighting’s indoor and outdoor lighting services serve sectors including offices, educational institutions, healthcare, retailers, manufacturing plants, roads, transportation, etc. All these products are developed using the latest technology combined with energy-saving concepts to meet the requirements of future living.

For more than 70 years, Wipro Lighting has also held many lighting science events in society. For example, an event on lighting technology was held at CWE office Bathinda on December 7, 2023, a knowledge seminar was held in Ranchi on November 4, 2023, etc. If buyers want to know more about the recent developments of Wipro Lighting, they can contact them to get access to the event.

Top 8: Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd. logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer & Distributor

Established: 1938


  • LED bulbs
  • Fans with integrated lighting
  • A variety of outdoor lighting solutions

Now I will introduce Bajaj Electricals, which was founded in 1938. It is located in Mumbai, but its business involves all India, of course, include Delhi.

For 85 years, it has been developing a household name and is deeply rooted in India. Meanwhile, its achievements have been reflected in 18 branches, more than 660 distributors, about 200,000 retail stores, and more than 620 consumer care centers. All of these are proof of its dominance in the Indian lighting industry. People prefer it because, despite success, it continues to provide buyers with a variety of innovative LED lamps and lamps at the best prices, even though it has achieved success in business. There are uses for it in road lighting, urban lighting, residential lighting, sports lighting, and industrial lighting.

Social responsibility is also a priority at Bajaj Electricals. Using sustainability, diversity, inclusion, employee volunteerism, and community initiatives is the only way for the company’s leaders to develop a sustainable and healthy business.

Top 9: Syska LED

Syska LED logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established: 2009

Products: Syska LED specializes in energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, offering a wide range of products like bulbs, downlights, panel lights, and track lighting

In 2009, Syska LED was founded as an LED lighting manufacturer. Compared with other lighting companies, Syska LED is still young. But it can also occupy a place in the Indian lighting market.

After statistics, Syska LED has opened sales outlets in more than 75 locations across India. Its goal is to provide lighting solutions to customers as quickly as possible. In the product development aspect, it boldly uses technology as a support to continuously develop and innovate products. In the environmental aspect, it combined with the concept of energy conservation, it tries its best to reduce household electricity bills while minimizing the impact of electricity on the environment.

If you have a limited budget and are looking for a good and affordable lighting supplier in India, I will recommend you the Syska.

Top 10: Surya Lighting Industries Ltd

Surya Lighting Industries Ltd logo


Business Type: Lighting Manufacturer

Established: 1978

Products: Surya Lighting focuses on innovative and energy-saving lighting solutions. They offer a diverse range of LED lights, luminaires, and solar lighting options.

As one of the largest lighting companies in India, Surya Lighting was founded in 1978. It has two advanced lighting manufacturing plants in India, which are located in Kashipur and Gwalior. These two plants provide lighting solutions not only to Indian buyers but also to consumers or dealers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Surya’s Technology and Innovation Center (STIC) has its unique advantage. It is equipped with a specular goniophotometer from LMT, Germany, and is certified and approved by the Indian government. Here, not only new lighting products can be developed, but also used for photometric optical testing of lamps for quality control.

If you are not so tight on budget and want to find a lighting manufacturer with strong overall strength, I advise you to choose Surya Lighting.

3. Conclusion

In short, there is a vibrant ecosystem of wood table lamp manufacturers in Delhi. Each manufacturer has their own designs and styles. All of their efforts are to meet the needs of you. There is something for every discerning customer among these top 10 manufacturers in Delhi, whether you are looking for traditional elegance or contemporary flair.