Resin Pendant Light

The resin pendant light is handmade. The surface has been sandblasted and has frosted particles. It has a great texture. The pendant’s light body is thickened. It is made of sufficient materials. The wire length can be adjusted.

  • Resin material
  • Handmade
  • Modern and Nordic style
  • Strong heat resistance
  • Spray painting process
  • Can add cable length
  • Durable and not easy to corrode
  • Easy to replace light source
  • Can be hung individually or in combination
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Resin pendant light 01

Resin pendant light

The resin pendant light is handmade. The surface has been sandblasted and has frosted particles. It has a great texture. The pendant’s light body is thickened. It is made of sufficient materials. The wire length can be adjusted. There are multiple sizes to choose from. Depending on the size of the space, choose resin chandeliers of different sizes, which can perfectly decorate any place.

  • D30/D40/D55/D70/D80/D120cm
  • White/Gray
Lotus leaf pendant light

Lotus leaf pendant light

This is a pendant light similar to the shape of a lotus leaf. It is made of environmentally friendly resin. It has strong heat resistance and no need to worry about rust. The frosted surface highlights the artistic atmosphere. It has a built-in imported LED chip and a white high-transmittance acrylic lampshade to make the light softer. High-temperature shaping and stacked corrugations, smooth arc shape, and delicate texture add an artistic flavor and layering to the space. The iron 3-layer paint ceiling plate has strong load-bearing capacity and the wire length can be adjusted.

  • D40*H9cm
  • Outside red inside white
  • Outside black inside orange
  • Outside grey inside white
Hanging dining room light 08

Hanging dining room light

This is a creative art resin pendant light. It is made of resin and a hand-made molding process. It has smooth and smooth lines and a delicate texture. There are three shapes to choose from. It is recommended that you hang a combination of 3 shapes in your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It can fill your space with rustic beauty.

  • A shape:L47*W45*H15cm
  • B shape:L43*W33*H12cm
  • C shape:L38*W36*H23cm
  • White/Gray
Hat pendant light

Hat pendant light

This hat pendant light is a simple and creative style chandelier. The lamp body is made of environmentally friendly resin, which has strong heat resistance and is durable. The light source uses an E27 lamp holder, which is easy to replace. It is available in two colors, white and gray. Whether hanging it in the dining room, bedroom, or living room, it is very eye-catching.

  • D40cm
  • D60cm
  • White/Gray
Dome pendant light

Dome pendant light

Dome pendant light is a post-modern style resin chandelier, shaped like a pumpkin, with a unique spot texture on the surface. The frosted resin material is high temperature resistant, lightweight and not fragile, has a clear texture, is wear-resistant, and durable. It is very suitable for hanging on the dining table. Above and on the kitchen island.

  • D30*H20cm
  • D60*H35cm
  • White/Black/Pink/Green/Grary
Umbrella pednant light

Umbrella pednant light

Umbrella pendant light is fresh and simple, shaped like an umbrella, with clear surface texture and warm and vivid colors. It is made of resin material, which is high temperature resistant and not easy to deform. We often combine pink, white, and blue to hang above the dining table or bar.

  • D21*H8.5cm
  • D32*H18.7cm
  • D42*H13.4cm
  • White/Pink/Blue

White pendant light fixture

White pendant light fixture

The white pendant light fixture is made of resin material using a hand-made molding process. The lamp body has smooth and retro lines. It adopts an E27 lamp holder, which is safe, durable, and easy to replace. When lit it looks like an emotional work of art, adding a calming and serene atmosphere to your space, enhancing the joy and comfort of living.

  • A shape:D33*H40cm
  • B shape:D35*H55cm
  • Gray
Modern island pendant light

Modern island pendant light

Modern island pendant light is made of resin material. Its incomplete appearance expresses defective things but also expresses the rustic spirit. The overall shape is clean and concise. Hanging it in any space will look unique.

  • D45*H50cm
  • White/Black
Kitchen island light fixture

Kitchen island light fixture

The kitchen island light fixture has rich colors and a coral-like shape. The simple style is a low-key interpretation of fashion taste. With different lights, it adds a bit of nature and agility to your home. The creative shape design creates a strong sense of space. The light color passes through The reflection of the shape has a unique sense of beauty.

  • D20*H22cm
  • White/Black/Grey/Green/Yellow
Honeycomb pendant light

Honeycomb pendant light

The special thing about the Honeycomb pendant light is that there are honeycomb-shaped holes on the surface of the lamp body. The light refracted through the holes illuminates the wall with artistic beauty. It can be hung alone on the bedside or combined with multiple heads in the dining room. It plays a very good role in decoration and lighting.

  • A shape:D15*H22cm
  • B shape:D16*H17cm
  • White/Black/Gray
Modern nordic pendant light

Modern nordic pendant light

Modern Nordic pendant light adopts a multi-layer spray painting process, bright color, smooth surface of resin lamp body material, special texture design, rich texture, anti-corrosion, and wear-resistant technology, durable, whether it is hanging on the top of the dining table or hanging on the kitchen bar can create a warm atmosphere.

  • D15*H20cm
  • Orange/Green/White/Dark Gray/Light Gray
Modern white pendant light

Modern white pendant light

Modern white pendant light adopts hand-made technology. The raised grainy texture on the surface of the lamp body is very textured. The resin material is not easy to corrode and is durable. Three sizes are available. It can be hung alone or in a combination of three. It is suitable for restaurants, study rooms, bar counters, kitchens, and so on.

  • D20/D30/D40cm
  • White
Kitchen island fixture

Kitchen island fixture

The kitchen island fixture is a wabi-sabi-style pendant light. The irregular lamp body deeply reflects the designer’s unique vision. It is not just a lighting fixture but more like a work of art full of texture. Hang it Eye-catching anywhere indoors.

  • D60*H23cm
  •  White/Black/Grey/Brown
Geometric pendant light

Geometric pendant light

The geometric pendant light is a small chandelier with a great personality. The resin lamp body and glass ball are perfectly matched. It has a built-in LEDG9 light source. It is durable and easy to replace. It is suitable for the living room, dining room, foyer, bedroom, bedside, study room, dining room, Kitchen, etc. Adjustable cord length.

  • D16*H25cm
  • Black/Pink/Gray
Bedroom pendant

Bedroom pendant

The Bedroom pendant is made of environmentally friendly foamed resin material with a unique and beautiful appearance. It is equipped with a high-quality acrylic lampshade with high light transmittance. It has a built-in LED light source. The light is soft and even. The lighting brightness is sufficient. It is simple and practical at the same time. It combines art and beauty.

  • D30cm
  • Gray/Red/Blue/Yellow
Kitchen island pendant

Kitchen island pendant

The kitchen island pendant is a small Nordic-style pendant light, shaped like a trumpet, resin lampshade, and some tiny holes on the surface that make this lamp rich in texture. It can be hung alone by the bed in the bedroom or combined gang in the kitchen. It can make your small space full of sophistication.

  • D16*H36cm
  • Black/White/Red/Gray


1. Resin pendant light

Resin pendant light 06 Resin pendant light 05 Resin pendant light 04 Resin pendant light 03 Resin pendant light 02 Resin pendant light in studio

2.Lotus leaf pendant light

Lotus leaf pendant light 10 Lotus leaf pendant light 09 Lotus leaf pendant light 08 Lotus leaf pendant light 07 Lotus leaf pendant light 06 Lotus leaf pendant light 11

3.Hanging dining room light

Hanging dining room light 06

4.Hat pendant light

Hat pendant light 05 Hat pendant light 04 Hat pendant light 02 Hat pendant light 03 Hat pendant light 01

5.Dome pendant light

Dome pendant light 05 Dome pendant light 04 Dome pendant light 03 Dome pendant light 02 Dome pendant light 01

6.Umbrella pendant light

7.white pendant light fixture

white pendant light fixture 04 white pendant light fixture 06 white pendant light fixture 05 white pendant light fixture 03 white pendant light fixture 02 white pendant light fixture 01

8.Modern island pendant light

Modern island pendant light05 Modern island pendant light 04 Modern island pendant light 03 Modern island pendant light 02 Modern island pendant light 01

9.Kitchen island light fixture

kitchen island light fixture 05 kitchen island light fixture 04 kitchen island light fixture 03 kitchen island light fixture 02 kitchen island light fixture 01

10.Honeycomb pendant light

honeycomb pendant light 04 honeycomb pendant light 03 honeycomb pendant light 02 honeycomb pendant light 01

11.Modern nordic pendant light

modern nordic pendant light 04 modern nordic pendant light 03 modern nordic pendant light 02

12.Modern white pendant light

modern white pendant light 07 modern white pendant light 06 modern white pendant light 05 modern white pendant light 04 modern white pendant light 03 modern white pendant light 02 modern white pendant light 01

13.Kitchen island fixture

kitchen island fixture 04 kitchen island fixture 05 kitchen island fixture 03 kitchen island fixture 02 kitchen island fixture 01

14.Geometric pendant light

geometric pendant light 05 geometric pendant light 04 geometric pendant light 03 geometric pendant light 02 geometric pendant light 01

15.Bedroom pendant

Bedroom pendant 07 Bedroom pendant 06 Bedroom pendant 05 Bedroom pendant 04 Bedroom pendant 03 Bedroom pendant 02

16.Kitchen island pendant

Kitchen island pendant 08 Kitchen island pendant 07 Kitchen island pendant 05 Kitchen island pendant 06 Kitchen island pendant 04 Kitchen island pendant 03 Kitchen island pendant 02 Kitchen island pendant 01


Q1:What is the most common feature of resin pendant Lights?

Strong heat resistance, not easy to deform, durable.

Q2. Can I add a cord length?

Yes, we can add your cord length depending on your requirements.

Q3:Where is resin pendant light commonly used?

Hang a resin pendant light wherever you’d like illumination and style. Try a bathroom pendant light for unique overhead lighting that’s more widespread than vanity lights. For a fashionable statement, hang kitchen pendant lights over an island or breakfast bar. Go with a dining room pendant light instead of a formal chandelier to enhance a modern home. You can even find pendant lights to brighten entryways and hallway

Q4:How to choose resin pendant lights?

1. Know the Different Types of Pendant Lights 2. Consider the Location and the Height of the Ceiling 3. Consider the Shape of Pendant Lights 4. Choose the Right Size of Pendant Lights 5. Find Easy to Clean Pendant Lights.

Q5: Which is better, warm light or cool light for the resin pendant light?

It’s hard to say which one is better, cold light or warm light. Different applications are suitable for different lights. Cool light for the pendant lamp looks great in a modern room and works better in bright places, while warm light works better in places where you are looking for soft light. But our most of customers like warm light colors.

Q6:I want to look items actual pictures and videos of resin pendant lights, can you provide them?

Yes, we can send you, pls contact us by

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