Orange Ceiling Lamp Shade

The orange ceiling lamp shade is the exterior of the glass is a gradient orange color, and the interior of the glass is white. The light effect refracted through the glass is very soft. It is usually used as Decorative lighting for the entryway.

  • metal and glass material
  • Vintage and Retro style
  • Orange color
  • Warm white color temperature
  • Spray painting process
  • Can add cable length
  • Durable and not easy to corrode
  • Easy to replace light source
  • Can be hung individually or in combination
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orange ceiling lamp shade

Orange ceiling lamp shade

The orange ceiling lamp shade is a high-value medieval-style orange ceiling lamp. The exterior of the glass is a gradient orange color, and the interior of the glass is white. The light effect refracted through the glass is very soft. It is usually used as Decorative lighting for the entryway.

  • D28*H30cm
burnt orange pendant light

Burnt orange pendant light

The burnt orange pendant light is a hand-blown orange glass pendant, with a bright glass shade and soft LED light effect. It can be hung as a single head or in combination with multiple heads.

  • D28*H23cm
orange glass pendant light

Orange glass pendant light

The orange glass pendant light is a stylish and simple creative pendant lamp. It is made of handmade glass and is unique. The orange color is bright and vivid. It will be eye-catching when hung in a restaurant, studio, or any space at home.

  • D40*H31cm
orange hanging lamp

Orange hanging lamp

The Orange hanging lamp is a Nordic-style glass pendant, available in three sizes and shapes. This orange hanging lamp is suitable for hanging with multiple heads. Hanging it on the kitchen island is very creative.

  • A shape:D14*H25cm
  • B shape:D10*H30cm
  • C shape:D8*H35cm
vintage orange pendant light

Vintage orange pendant light

Vintage orange pendant light with hand-blown technology, high-quality glass material, uniform color, and textured glass surface. When the light is turned on, the glass is bright orange, and when the light is turned off, it is dark red. The light refracted through the glass is particularly warm and natural. It is the best choice for decorative lighting in the bedroom or kitchen.

  • D26*H40cm


1. Orange ceiling lamp shade

orange ceiling lamp shade hanging on the entrance doorOrange ceiling lamp shade 03Orange ceiling lamp shade 04

2.Burnt orange pendant light

burnt orange pendant light 01burnt orange pendant light hanging in the corner of the roomBurnt orange pendant light 02Burnt orange pendant light 03Burnt orange pendant light 04

3.Orange glass pendant light

orange glass pendant light hanging in studioOrange glass pendant light 02Orange glass pendant light 03Orange glass pendant light 04

4.Orange hanging lamp 

Orange hanging lamp 01

5.vintage orange pendant light 

Vintage orange pendant light for dining room


Q1:What is the most common feature of orange pendant Lights?

All color is orange.

Q2. Can I add a cord length?

Yes, we can add your cord length depending on your requirements.

Q3:Where is an orange pendant light commonly used?

Hang an orange pendant light wherever you’d like illumination and style. Try a bathroom pendant light for unique overhead lighting that’s more widespread than vanity lights. For a fashionable statement, hang kitchen pendant lights over an island or breakfast bar. Go with a dining room pendant light instead of a formal chandelier to enhance a modern home. You can even find pendant lights to brighten entryways and hallway

Q4: What are the main materials of your orange pendant lamp?

Our orange pendant lamp’s main material is iron, aluminum, and glass.

Q5:How to choose orange pendant lights?

1. Know the Different Types of Pendant Lights 2. Consider the Location and the Height of the Ceiling 3. Consider the Shape of Pendant Lights 4. Choose the Right Size of Pendant Lights 5. Find Easy to Clean Pendant Lights.

Q6: Which is better, warm light or cool light for the orange pendant light?

It’s hard to say which one is better, cold light or warm light. Different applications are suitable for different lights. Cool light for the pendant lamp looks great in a modern room and works better in bright places, while warm light works better in places where you are looking for soft light. But our most of customers like warm light colors.

Q7:I want to look items actual pictures and videos of orange pendant lights, can you provide them?

Yes, we can send you, pls contact us by

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